Children and Youth

Whether you are a parent, teacher or family member, we all have a key role to play in ensuring our kids learn about personal safety and the pitfalls of becoming involved in drugs and gangs.




It's important to remind everyone to do what they can to keep their schools bully free.

Back to School

Motor vehicle collisions are the number one cause of injury or death among children.

Gang Awareness

Recognize the signs and counter the lure of gangs.

Internet Safety

Internet safety involves ensuring that people, specifically children and youth, have the information needed to develop safe online surfing habits.

Celebrate Grad Responsibly

Although we are sure you would love to invite us as your party guests, we don’t need an invitation to come.

Child Abuse

Types of child abuse and behavioural indicators

Safe at Play

Important Safety Messaging

Crime Prevention Posters

Crime Prevention resources for your office, building, or school.

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