The Prince George RCMP consists of the following:


This area includes the Detachment Commander, the Operations officer, the Operations Support officer and the Operational Support (Administration) NCO. These positions are support by a financial clerk and an administrative assistant to the Detachment Commander. The responsibilities of this group go beyond the daily administration of the detachment, to include work in the area of quality assurance, strategic planning, corporate planning and liaison with the City of Prince George.

Community Policing

In partnership with the community, the Community Policing Section identifies and solves problems to prevent and reduce crime and the fear of crime.  The core functions are enforcement, prevention, education, intelligence and investigation.  The Prince George RCMP community Policing section provides the following programs and services:

  • Auxiliary Constable Program
  • Reserve Constable Program
  • Block Watch
  • Business Watch
  • Citizens Crime Watch
  • Crime Free Multi-Housing
  • Loss Prevention
  • Speed Watch
  • Community Safety Officers
  • First Nations Liaison

Crime Reduction Team (CRT)

The Prince George Detachment Crime Reduction Team is responsible for the organization and monitoring of the Prolific Offender Management Program and investigating property crimes within the City of Prince George and surrounding area. Prolific Offenders are those persons who have established a lifestyle revolving around committing crime, the ‘worst of the worst’. Property crimes committed by these Prolific Offenders generally fall within three categories; Break and Enters, Auto Theft, and Theft from Vehicles and are usually fueled by drug addictions. Rather than just responding to crimes which have been committed, the Crime Reduction Team along with a Crime Analyst, identify Prolific Offenders within the community and focuses on these individuals. The Prolific Offender Management Program aims to use more intensive supervision of and timely intervention with Prolific Offenders to reduce crime, be it through treatment or incarceration. The Crime Reduction Team works hand in hand with many community partners such as probation, parole, crown counsel, and social services to keep the offenders in jail and our community’s streets safer.

Downtown Enforcement Unit (DEU)

The Downtown Enforcement Unit is a high visibility section which is exclusively responsible for the downtown core of Prince George. DEU members take a zero tolerance approach to all crimes in the downtown, but find a majority of their time is spent dealing with Liquor Control and Licensing Act (LCLA) offences, Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA) offences, property crime and various kinds of disturbances which are often associated to public drunkeness. DEU members are involved in a number of daily duties in order to combat crime in the downtown core. DEU members conduct bicycle patrols, foot patrols, and respond to calls for service downtown.

Forensic Identification Section (FIS)

The Prince George Forensic Identification Section is responsible for attending various property crimes including theft from, theft of automobiles, commercial and residential break and enters.  Scene attendance is also made to serious persons offences.

Duties include, the detection, preservation and collection of physical evidence at crime scenes.  Some of the evidence (fingerprints, footprints) are compared locally.  Other types of evidence (DNA, paint, hair and fibres) are collected and packaged for analysis at one of the RCMP Forensic Laboratories.  The purpose of comparisons are to link physical evidence to persons in relation to crimes.

The coverage area for the Prince George Section is from the Alberta border on the East, Burns Lake on the West, Hixon to the South and MacKenzie (including Williston Lake) to the North.

Prince George FIS also has a video analyst who is responsibility of converting video to a usable format for investigators in the form of DVD video, still photographs and on occasion audio.

General Duty

Prince George General Duty Section (GD) consists of approximately 84 uniformed members distributed evenly between four units or "Watches". Each Watch is commanded by a Staff Sergeant who is assisted by a Sergeant and two Corporals and there are usually sixteen to seventeen constables per Watch. The GD Section are the front line first responders, responsible for the day to day, uniform policing of the City of Prince George as well as the surrounding rural areas including south to Hixon, north to Bear Lake, west to Clukcas Lake and east on Hwy. 97 to near Dome Creek . These call for service can range from minor complaints such as a disturbance, through to a shoplifter, to more serious events such as a sex assault, robberies, or homicides.

Police Dog Section (PDS)

The Prince George Police Dog Section is made up of four General Duty Police Service Dog Teams.  The Section provides service and assistance to the Prince George Detachment and neighboring Detachment areas in Northern BC.  The teams specialize in the tracking and apprehension of criminals, recovery of evidence, detection of explosives or narcotics, and missing person searches. In addition, the Police Dog Teams assist the North District Emergency Response Team during high-risk operations.

Serious Crimes Unit

The Prince George Serious Crime Unit is comprised of 14 members and is divided into three sub units; Serious Crime, Sex Crime and Fraud.

Serious Crime investigates all serious crimes; murder, attempt murder, S.I.D.S (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), sudden deaths where foul play is suspected, missing persons, kidnapping, serious assaults (life threatening) and arson. Sex Crimes investigates; serious sexual assaults, child sexual assaults, child luring internet investigations and child pornography investigations. The Fraud section investigates Criminal Code frauds offences over $5000.00 and other fraud type crimes that are complex in nature.

The Serious Crime Unit is also an assist unit to the Detachment. Some investigations do not warrant the Serious Crime Unit to take over the file, in those instances, the unit will provide assistance to the investigating member where their expertise is required. As well as assisting the Detachment, the Serious Crime Unit also provides assistance to other outside Detachments or agencies when required within the City of Prince George. 

Victim Services

Victims of crime and people suffering from other traumas have needs they cannot always meet on their own.  Prince George RCMP Victim Services offers support 24/7 to victims of crime and trauma and this can take many forms:

Emotional Support

  • This can range from sitting with a victim while they wait for emergency services, calling family/friends on victims behalf, providing information, etc.

Court Orientation/Accompaniment

  • To emotionally prepare a client for testimony in court the victim services unit provides a tour of the court house which offers the client information on what to expect during the course of a trial.
  • Our Caseworkers will attend court with our clients to offer assistance, information and a friendly face during a difficult time.

Criminal Justice Information

  • We can provide our clients with updates on court cases and general information about how their case is progressing through the court system.


  • RCMP Victim Services provides referrals to appropriate agencies to be certain our clients are getting the best help by the best people.

Crisis Intervention

  • During crisis situations, our Case Workers are available to attend scenes with police officers to provide emotional support.

Our goal in the community is to reduce the trauma often experienced by victims and assist them in proceeding through the criminal justice system.  Through the provisions of information, referrals and emotional support our staff and volunteers try to lessen the trauma often felt by a victim of crime.