The purpose of the Auxiliary Constable program is to strengthen community and Police partnerships by providing volunteers with the opportunity to perform authorized activities in support of strategies to address the causes of, or reduce the fear of, crime and disorder.


Prince George Auxiliary Constables are uniformed volunteers under the command of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  The primary purpose of this program is to participate in community policing activities throughout Prince George relating to public safety and crime prevention.  Auxiliary Constables participate in community policing programs and ride on patrol with police officers.  The ride-along program provides the Auxiliary Constable with an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and expertise in law enforcement.  Auxiliary constables have peace officer status when on duty and under direct supervision of a member of the RCMP.

We currently have 13 Auxiliary Constables who are active in many community activities such as the BRAVE program and providing assistance at many community functions such as the Labor Day Road Race, The Y Road Race and doing foot patrols downtown.