Victim Services

Crime & Trauma

The effects of crime and trauma are vast and unique to each individual. Our presence during these difficult times won’t change the outcome but can hopefully help to clarify issues that come up within the legal system and can address the mental and emotional impact of a tragedy.


Victims of crime and people suffering from other traumas have needs they cannot always meet on their own. Whether a primary victim, secondary victim, witness or family member affected by a trauma, our purpose is to find you the most useful resources that our community offers and get you on the road to healing.

Staff and Volunteers

Our unit is staffed with two full-time employees and approximately 20 volunteer case workers.


Prince George RCMP Victim Services offers support 24/7 to victims of crime and trauma. This takes several forms:

Hours of Operation and Location

Victim Services is conveniently located within the Prince George RCMP Detachment at 455 Victoria Street and are accessible off the main lobby. They utilize a comfortable interview room for client meetings and interactions.

Prince George RCMP Victim Services offers:


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