Rural Crime Watch

What is Rural Crime Watch?

Rural Watch encourages people in ranching, farming and rural communities to know their neighbours, be vigilant and report anything suspicious to police. The main purpose of a Rural Crime Watch is to prevent criminal behaviour including break and enter, theft of equipment, theft of grains, vandalism, dumping of garbage, poaching, cattle rustling, etc. and to improve the security measures in rural homes, outbuildings, vehicles and machinery.

A community that is organised and committed to crime prevention, may act as a deterrent to potential criminals who will be aware that Rural Watch is in place. Participants have a vested interest in their community, they share the common goal of safe homes, safe community. They become extra eyes and ears for local police, reporting suspicious activity and taking steps to secure their property.

Picture of a street sign at the corner of Pilot Mountain and Chief Lake Road

Goals of Rural Crime Watch

Four elements of Rural Crime Watch

1. Home and building security

Your home, vacation property, farm or ranch is a large investment and should be protected by a reasonable security program.

2. Property identification

3. Wilderness awareness

4. Neighbourhood watch

Role of the members

Membership application  

To join or start a rural watch in your area, contact your local RCMP detachment. A general application will need to be completed. Captains and Co-Captains will be subject to a Criminal Record and local indices check at the local Detachment.

Click here for tips on preventing property crime in rural areas.

About the RCMP

The RCMP is Canada’s national police service, and in BC also acts as the police force of jurisdiction for many towns and cities. The RCMP is committed to cultural sensitivity, and unbiased and respectful treatment of all people.

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